What's your kitchen personality?

You may be a sweetheart on the street, but what's your personality in the kitchen? Are you a compulsive counter-wiper? All-star dish-stacker? We're bringing you some fun gadgets that go perfectly with your chef alter-ego. 

First up, the perfectionist. You want all the vegetables chopped to precisely 1/4 inch. You've got conversions memorized. Your meals turn out flawlessly, so you need flawless gadgets. Enter the OCD cutting board! Complete with all the necessary measurements and angles. 

Next, the people pleaser. When entertaining guests, you really let them have it their way. Your pizzas are half pepperoni, half Hawaiian, so why can't your pie be half apple and half cherry? The Split Decision Pie Pan is for you!

Thirdly, the clean freak. You go to bed with sore wrists from all that counter-wiping! And not a drop of meat juice will come within 10 inches of your veggies. Your dishes are clean before the cookies are even half-baked. These food-specific cutting mats will help you maintain that clean kitchen you love.

And finally, the narcissist. Your win every pie contest. Your prime rib is cooked to perfection, and let's be honest, your cupcakes are the BEST. So why not show off a little bit more with these trophy cupcake holders

All joking aside, which gadget fits your kitchen personality? Or is your alter-ego not listed here? Let us know in the comments! 

P.S. Yesterday was national food day!

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